Maryland Couples Counseling Telehealth

Relationships face unprecedented tension and stress in the midst of this global pandemic, economic uncertainty, and general disruption of “normal life.” Thankfully, telehealth (video sessions) can bring relationship support right to the comfort and safety of your own home. At Well Marriage Center, we want your relationship to succeed! Great marriage counseling can help you save, strengthen, and transform your marriage. We believe a strengths-based approach rooted in the emerging Wellness Model with a specific focus on attachment, healing, intimacy, and connection can help every relationship. Each of our counselors are well trained and highly experienced therapists who work exclusively with marriage and marriage-type relationships. As you improve we spend a significant amount of time analyzing where the improvement comes from to help you stay with it. We’re marriage counseling specialists and overwhelmingly couples appreciate their Well Marriage investment.

Maryland Statewide Telehealth Providers

Quintin Talley, LPC, LCPC

Quintin Talley is a LPC, LCPC with 10+ years of experience serving couples, individuals. Quintin utilizes a variety of clinical approaches and has studied Gottman and Emotionally Focused models

Marissa Josiah, LCPC

Marissa Josiah is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor with 15+ years of experience serving couples and families. She incorporates researched-based couples approaches with her trauma expertise.

Christy Van Horn, LCPC

Christy Van Horn is a LCPC with 15+ years of experience serving couples and families. Christy has studied various clinical approaches in marriage counseling as well coaching strategies and protocols.

Chae Kwak, LCSW

Chae Kwak is a LCSW with 20+ years helping couples & individuals. He has trained in several highly regarded couples models and specializes in intimacy, trauma and infidelity recovery.

Ellen Singer, LCSW-C

Ellen Singer is a LCSW-C who has specialized in helping couples and families for 35+ years. She utilizes several evidence-based methods and tailors them to your specific strengths and relationship.

Lori Shapiro, LCSW-C, LICSW, CST

Lori Shapiro is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has specialized in working with couples for 20 years. She is trained in multiple relationship approaches and has advanced training with intimacy.

Megan Gregory, LCSW

Megan Gregory is a LCSW with 5+ years of experience serving couples and families. Megan utilizes a variety of clinical approaches and has studied top rated Gottman and Emotionally Focused models.

Lisa Lavitt, LCSW-C

Lisa Lavitt is a LCSW-C with 15+ years of experience serving couples & families. Lisa offers a strengths-based, evidence-backed framework for relationship counseling that helps couples heal & connect.